Quick Update

Thank you for your prayers. God is sovereign over everything. He knows our past, our present, and our future. Yet, He delights in the prayers of His children. Prayer grows our faith and our relationship with Him.

A quick update – Jonathan did not start chemo as planned. Because of the increased discomfort on his stomach, yesterday afternoon his doctor sent an order for him to take a course of antibiotics to try and improve his overall health before starting chemo.  We have seen a slight improvement today. He is still very tired, but has had more and longer awake times. He had a couple of visitors today and enjoyed that time. We are hoping to see even more improvement by this evening.

Tomorrow, we have an appointment with his radiation oncologist to evaluate if he can/should take more radiation as a part of the current treatment.  And then, Friday, he is scheduled to receive the every-two-week IV chemotherapy that he has been taking since December.

Continue to pray for a miraculous healing; either gradual or overnight. God is able.

Specifically, pray that the antibiotics will be beneficial in combating whatever has made his stomach sick.

Pray that his strength will improve significantly over the next couple of days so that he will be ready to start the oral chemo.

Pray for wisdom concerning additional radiation.


3 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. Well during my chemo and for a long time after I was very tired. That was my main problem. I think your body heals during rest . Oh Jonathan and Karla I wish you were not going through all this but I know you trust God to do what is in his plan. Love and prayers for your family

  2. I pray for Jonathan daily, and am encouraged that they are trying the antibiotics, I ask God for the doctors to try all the will help his body to fight this! I know our God is in control , and I will continue to pray for Jonathan to get stronger and heal his body. God bless you all and give peace and strength at these troubling times!

  3. I am so sorry for all of you who are going through so much–
    especially Jonathan. We will keep praying for a miracle. It happened to me over 40 years ago & it can happen for Jonathan. May God bless Jonathan & all the family.

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