At home

We made it back from the hospital yesterday afternoon. It is good to be home!

Jonathan’s lab work looked good when we left. Today, it has been a day of rest for him. The fatigue caused by a hospital stay plus three radiation treatments while recovering from gastroenteritis is serious. He spent most of the day asleep.

His GI discomfort is not completely gone, but he was able to eat and drink a little better today. We have small attainable goals every meal and he is reaching them like a pro. We continue to pray and work diligently to keep him stable and hydrated, which for tonight means to sleep in his recliner all night long in order to prevent acid reflux, which makes him vomit.

The plan is to get in touch with his oncologist on Monday to determine if Jonathan is ready for oral chemo.

Thank you for your consistent love towards our family and thank you for your prayers.

One thought on “At home”

  1. You are special to many people that you have witnessed to with your love and kindness that shines ! It is with great pleasure we lift our prayers for you up to our Lord and Savior daily. We pray for your comfort and well being and The Lord to guide and direct the doctors that are careing for you. And a special thanks and blessing for your family.

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