God’s Provision

I know that I use the word “grateful” very frequently. But I cannot find a better word to express what God’s provision produces in our hearts. Even when we find ourselves in a drought, His fountain never runs dry.

I am grateful for so much. I am grateful for excellent medical care. I am grateful for family visiting and helping around. I am grateful for an incredible community that gives generously. And I am especially grateful for constant prayers and words of encouragement. Occasionally, people ask if they are being intrusive or if we get annoyed by their offering help or encouragement. No. We do not ever get tired. We need the help, the words, the prayers. God uses each of them in powerful ways.

We keep praying for healing. God heals in different ways and we are learning how healing is coming to us.

The past few days have been hard physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Throughout all his past treatments, Jonathan’s body remained strong, but the cumulative effects of these treatments have made him more vulnerable, and the recent chain reaction of sorts that he is going through has been medically difficult to tackle.  Last week Jonathan began to take a medicine that is typically used to treat stomach ulcers. We think this is helping heal his stomach.  On Thursday he was able to eat 1/4 cup of apple sauce. Over the weekend we slowly increased the number of times and the amount of food he ate and he is finally eating three very small portions of food a day. No vomiting! We count that as great progress.

Overall, he still feels uncomfortable and eating takes a big effort. A common short-time side effect of radiation is fatigue; Jonathan’s is severe. A few minutes of interaction are enough to drain his energy. He is choosing to whisper since speaking takes too much out of him, and he sleeps most of the time. It pains me deeply to see my husband feeling this sick. It is frustrating not to be able to do more in order to help. But my heart grows with admiration at Jonathan’s humble endurance of his current condition and his determination to do what it takes to get better. He has not complained once.

Today, he completed his radiation treatment. During these past ten days, he was given IV fluids after each beaming session. Starting tomorrow, we have to make sure he stays hydrated at home. Please, continue to pray that his stomach will heal completely and that  we will soon be able to focus on tumor treatment and not only on the effects of treatment. We will be in touch with his neuro-oncologist this week to determine our options ahead.

The Lord is my portion, therefore I will wait for Him.


5 thoughts on “God’s Provision”

  1. Our prayers continually go before the throne of God for Jonathan and you and your family. Daily we seek His provision for healing and for endurance. Your faith is a shining example to us all.

  2. Praising God for each step of improvement, however big or small. The Lord is here and present and I ask for a great healing, and for his Will to be done. He is showing us all so much strength displayed in you. God Bless you and Jonathan and the entire family!

  3. I thank our loving, almighty Father for the grace and strength with which He is infusing you daily, Karla–even moment by moment–to trust His heart even when you do not understand His plan. Your vulnerable, helpless, trembling faith is pointing our eyes to Him. We are seeing His glory!!! And our hearts are so encouraged! My prayer today for each member of your family is that, as you are experiencing His provision, that He will enable you to understand even more just how high, how wide, how long, and how deep His love really is. We love you, Mary Eva

  4. My prayer is for God’s will to be done, and for all of you to have strength and comfort at this time. May the Lord just wrap His arms around all of you.
    God Bless all of the Bean family!

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