This week

Since Monday February 7th, after a very helpful and informative meeting with our neurosurgeon, Dr. Markert from UAB, we have been waiting to schedule a test called a Magnetoencephalography (MEG) that will provide cortical mapping for the proposed surgery in order to remove as much of the tumor as possible.  The results of this test take about 2 weeks to compile and analyze.  The sooner we have the results of this test, the sooner surgeons can make a more informed and comprehensive plan for surgery.

We just found out this afternoon that the MEG machine at UAB is missing a part and may not be operational before the end of the month.  Due to this indefinite delay, we are now seeking to have the MEG test done elsewhere as soon as we can find an available MEG machine and schedule an appointment.

Please be in prayer that God would open up the doors for us to have this test done soon so that we can move forward with the plan for surgery.  We trust that God is in sovereign control of all things including this machine malfunction and the delay in our timeline.
Pray that we would make wise decisions on where to go from here.
Pray that God would continue to place people to guide us as we navigate this new world of medical care and procedures.

We are thankful for your continued prayers and have truly sensed God’s sustaining power and presence as we walk forward in faith on this new journey he has placed before us.


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