Surgery started at 10:15 am.  Jonathan responded well to medication. Thank you for your prayers.

We had a smooth admitting process this morning.  Jon was given his IV and then had an informative talk with Dr. Moore, the anesthesiologist.  Close friends and family were able to spend brief moments with him before he was taken to the OR, and through it all he remained very confident and relaxed.

Now, our waiting period has started. Preparation for the surgery takes over an hour and after that the actual procedure will take around 6 hours.  Over that period of time they will give a few brief updates just to let us know in general what part of the process they are in.  So I will try to keep you posted as I know what’s going on.

Please keep praying for our medical team.  Pray that Jonathan won’t be anxious or uncomfortable during the awake time where they will be mapping and assessing his neurological abilities.

3 thoughts on “10:30”

  1. I was just introduced to your story through following David Platt on Twitter. I went back and read everything you guys have posted. I am praying for Jonathan, the medical team, and the family during this time. I am a pastor and have sent this to our congregation to pray for you guys. Please know that we are lifting you up to the Lord this very moment!!

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