2:15 pm

Exciting news: Surgery is over.  I talked with Dr. Markert and he told me we was pleased with the results of the surgery.  We won’t know the specifics of how much of the tumor they were able to remove until tomorrow when he has a new MRI done.  At this point, we will also be waiting for the pathology report that will come in a few days.

Jonathan will be transferred soon to the NICU where he will stay for the first stage of his recovery.  The doctor said he is already awake and talking.  I rejoice so much in those little words.


15 thoughts on “2:15 pm”

  1. Praise the Lord, Karla. The Lord was shining through you earlier…hope the Munchkin Donut holes were great! It’s neat how the Lord works to encourage us, make us laugh. I am so thankful to read that Jonathan’s surgery is over. We continue to pray for each of you. Much love, Riley

  2. thank you so much for your updates, Karla. Praying for y’all and so glad to hear that God is comforting you and carrying you the way He is. We love y’all!!

  3. Praise HIM that this phase is completed!! We love you both so much and eagerly await any news possible.


  4. Jonathan,
    You and your family are in our prayers!! So great to hear that the surgery is over, and God is with you. Praying for good results from pathology, when they are available.

  5. Jon, Karla, and family,

    PTL. We are so happy to hear the news of Jonathan’s successful surgery. We will keep you all in our prayers.

  6. All good news!! I am rejoicing for those words as well. I pray for an uneventful night in NICU for Jonathan-that he will rest well and all his vital signs will remain stable. I pray for Karla and other family and support people around her that they will also rest well tonite. Thank you Jesus for everything you are doing and will do in the healing of Jonathan’s body. We praise you for you alone are worthy of any praise!!!! Amen…..Blessings to all Vicki

  7. Praying for Jonathan to have stable night in NICU and praise God for the great things He has done!!

  8. Just saw on Facebook that you had surgery this morning. I am praying for a speedy healing and God’s loving peace to surround you. I can honestly say that I understand the process…my brain surgery was Aug 13, 2007, and I’m coming up on my 4y cancer free anniversary. What a testimony of God’s love and grace!!

  9. Thank you for sharing all that you have, Jonathan and Karla. Thank you for using this time of trial and suffering to grow closer to God and point others to Him and his sovereignty.
    I’m rejoicing at the apparently positive news and will continue to pray for your family and your ministry.

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