Unexpected yet known

Well, we are back in the 8th floor of the UAB North Pavillion. This was certainly very unexpected, but we trust God was not caught by surprise.
Jonathan’s first hours in the NICU after surgery were hard. Pain and discomfort were very present. His arms have being poked numerous times between continual blood work and IVs, and each time it seems to get more difficult because the antibiotics are hard on his veins.
He was moved into a room in the evening and he did a wonderful job walking to it instead of using a wheel chair. He had to wear a helmet to protect his head… yes, helmet and gown just looked fabulous together 🙂
His first hours in the room went well. It seems like the nurses finally found the best pain medication for him, so thank God, pain has been manageable.
Since midnight he has had a rougher time though. He had an allergic reaction to one of the three antibiotics he is taking and another blown IV. He also had nausea and vomit to add to the fun, so rest has not quite happened yet.
We are waiting for cultures to reveal what kind of bacteria we are dealing with and that will inform what specific antibiotic he needs to be on. Until then he has to be covered with three very strong ones… but this is hard on his body.
Please pray that we will have word from the lab soon and that in the meantime he won’t have more allergic reactions or infiltrated IVs.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated as much as I can.
May the Lord be honored by His children this Sunday… even those in the hospital.

So thankful for your support and prayers.


One thought on “Unexpected yet known”

  1. praying with you-
    praying specifically that the lab results will be conclusive and that the drugs will be effective (and quick!)

    hugs to both of you

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