Tuesday Update

Still in the hospital. Jonathan had a better night and more rest last night. Again, he felt queasy in the middle of the night but we had time to ask for anti-nausea medicine before he got really sick. The nurses have been very good and sensitive and they tried to interrupt his sleep as little as possible while still keeping on top of his vitals, drains, and medication schedule -which by the way is crazy, my count is 11 different medicines… some of them needed several times throughout the day… some needed to prevent what the others do to Jonathan’s body while fighting the infection.

We are still waiting for the results of the cultures to determine the specific antibiotic Jonathan will need for the next weeks. Yesterday, they finally put a catheter known as a PICC line. This little tube runs through a large vein in his arm and ends in a large blood vessel in his chest that is able to take the amounts of medication needed without getting irritated. No more pricking. That’s nice.

The doctors made their rounds this morning and said that we will need to wait one or two more days for the cultures to be completed. They cannot send us home without a clear treatment plan. So far, it seems there is one antibiotic that they will most likely rule out. As we understand, it is the one that is tougher on Jonathan’s stomach, so that’s good news too.

We may ask, why did all of this happen? I don’t think there’s a straight answer. One of the risks of brain surgery is actually infection. So this is a reminder that the risks are real and that, like the doctors told us at the beginning, being diagnosed with a brain tumor is a long journey due to all the different implications it has.

Despite it all God has shown His mercy and provision… This world is not perfect, but this world is not our home. So we will depend on His strength and we will continue to seek His presence and to glorify His name in all circumstances.

Thank you for your prayers and notes. We again feel so wrapped by you love at this time.

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