Going home

We are finally going home today. The infectious disease doctors found that Jonathan’s infection was caused by staph. This is the most common bacteria responsible for post-surgical infections. For some reason it took a while for the bacteria to show up and that made our hospital stay very long. Thursday morning they found that there was a second bacteria growing, but at this point they think the same antibiotic (vancomycin) will take care of it. They will be able to tell us exactly what it is in about 2 weeks. Please pray that this second bacteria won’t add any complications to the treatment.

This morning Jonathan is having his last round of antibiotics at the hospital. The UAB pharmacy just brought all the prescriptions we will need for the next week and they will continue to supply on a weekly basis. In the evening we will have the visit of a home infusion agency that will set us up with the training necessary to continue the treatment at home.

This has certainly been a big bump on the road, but we want focus on the recovery ahead. God has provided everything we need that God has given with the timing of all of this.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

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