A Week Later

During their rounds yesterday morning, the doctors told us that Jonathan would probably be discharged during the day. We got our hopes high and packed our tooth brushes… Later, they came again to say “never mind” and explain to us that the laboratory is still trying to determine the right amount, frequency and length for Jonathan’s treatment. The way they determine that is mainly by cultures of infectious material, sensibility tests, and blood work. Results come with time, so there no much we can do but wait.

The good thing is that Jonathan is now down to only one of the three antibiotics he was originally on. His nausea has reduced -although it’s still there, and he is not on IV fluids anymore. That gives him more freedom of movement and he is up and walking four or five times a day making friends in the halls. Since he is missing part of his skull, he has to wear a helmet to protect his head. This morning, a lady asked us to come see her husband who’s also having to wear a helmet and is on his 9th surgery -some of them due to infection too. She wanted her husband to know he is not the only one having to wear a helmet. I hope he was encouraged. Everybody’s reality is difficult around here. It’s almost refreshing when a broken leg is all some of them are dealing with.

This morning’s doctor’s visit left us with no new information. We are all the mercy of laboratory findings. Today we complete a week here and it does feel like a long time, but honestly and as much as I desire to be home, I am thankful for how diligently the doctors are trying to figure out the best treatment for Jonathan. I don’t want to go home only to have to change treatments in a few days when doctors are not around anymore.

Please pray for clear results from cultures and sensibility tests. Continue to pray for healing and rest. Pray for our children and Jonathan’s mom as she so lovingly cares for them. And pray that I will be able to provide the care Jon will need at home during the next weeks.

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