February 21

We had a very good meeting with Dr. Markert this morning. He confirmed that the second (Spatial) MRI did not show any change or growth from the first MRI taken three weeks ago.  This further supports their diagnosis of a low grade Glioma.  Although the MEG machine at UAB is still not functional and may continue that way for some time, Dr. Markert believes they can get the necessary cortical mapping for resection of the tumor from other testing.

Right now they are working on an appointment for a Functional MRI at Emory, with a second option in Houston.  It will take time to process and analyze the data from these tests, but we went ahead and scheduled a surgery date of March 22.  All of this is subject to change based on new information gathered from further testing or if there were to be a change in the symptoms, but it allows us to move from indefinite to a tentative timeline.

We are thankful for an opportunity to structure our time prior to surgery and make personal and professional plans leading up to this date.  Pray for us as we seek to maximize and prioritize this time for Kingdom impact in the lives of our family, friends, church, and all nations.

4 thoughts on “February 21”

  1. If I can do anything to serve you as you go through this please let me know.

    It is good to have a plan – a schedule so that you can move forward. Things will change as imaging and data interpretation develops. But you need to move ahead with a plan, knowing that changes will come.

    God Guide you Step By Step.

    Mark & Cindy Morris

  2. Jonathan and Karla:
    I have just a few minutes ago discovered this blog and learned what you all are going through. I deeply appreciate the approach that you are taking with your confidence in God’s sovereignty and love. Jonathan, I believe you already have a ministry through this blog as it provides a platform for your witness to Jesus Christ that is unique and will reach an audience that you might not reach otherwise.
    Know that I am praying for complete healing. In fact, as I read of the difficulties you’ve encountered in locating a functional MEG machine, I had the thought: Wouldn’t it be just like God to use this delay for a time of witness and then totally remove that tumor supernaturally without any need for surgery. I know God can, so that is my primary prayer concerning your medical condition. My other primary prayer is for your (both of you) faith to increase more and more as your draw closer to God and to each other while you deal with the realities of this new chapter in your lives. However it turns out, we know that God is in the struggle with you and His perfect purposes will come about through it.
    I love you both and appreciate your ministry. Keep on fighting the good fight. I will join you in that, even if from a distance.
    Best blessings, my dear friends, Norfleete Day

  3. I know you don’t know me but my daughter is in your brother (Mr Beans) choir at Blue Springs South.. I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and you family..

    Gina Bresette


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