Going Home

As the sun comes up this morning, I have a beautiful view of the Magic City from our 8th floor window in the UAB North Pavilion, but the view inside the room is so much more pleasing to me. Jonathan is feeling better and we are going home today.

Dr. Markert is very pleased with both the MRI results and Jonathan’s recovery so far. He was comfortable to say that in his opinion 98% of the tumor was removed. Jonathan’s discomforts are part of the huge procedure he went through yesterday. He still prefers quiet and eyes shut most of the time, but he has been up for a stroll a couple of times already. All his neurological functions are intact with the exception of his vision field that remains with a blind spot, but we need more time to determine if this is a temporary or a permanent loss.

We will come back for a follow up appointment in about a week and we will discuss biopsy results and next steps then.

Today, please pray for a good transition into our home and good control of pain in the next few days. Pray for our children that are eager to see daddy yet they won’t be able to jump into his lap for several more days. And pray that this situation will continue to open up doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed and God’s grace to be displayed.


13 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. Such good encouraging news. Praying for all specific requests that you mentioned! Jonathan will not “feel” himself for a few weeks and I know he wants to get up and going but nag him a lot his body needs rest. Blessings Vicki

  2. Our hearts have been with you as we prayed for you on the day of the surgery and until now. We are so thankful to our risen Lord for his hand in Jonathan’s surgery. What a blessing that 98% of an uncontained tumor could be removed. Thank you Lord. We will pray as you have requested. Mark & CIndy

  3. Great News! I knew you would be ok and everything would work out. I think God still has huge plans for you down here. Will continue to pray for a complete recovery for you. Looking forward to seeing you.


  4. Continue to be thankful and amazed that your focus has been the Gospel. Praise the Lord for 98% of the tumor being removed….and praying for more grace upon that 2% left.

  5. We are full of gratitude to God and full of rejoicing to hear the amazing news so far. We continue to pray that all God’s purposes be accomplished in your lives through these challenges. And we thank Him for His continued grace pouring into your lives. We love you.

  6. We knew Jonathan years ago in Mexico … Jim, Becky, Sarah, Luke & then later Hannah came along. Please tell him that we have been praying and others also in Pittsburg, Texas, that don’t even know him.

  7. Thank you for being such an encouragement to all of us while going through such a challenging time. The Lord is with you each step of the way. We are praying for you to continue to have the grace and strength you need.

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