Surgery today

posted by: Callie Priest on behalf of Jonathan and Karla

Jonathan has been recovering beautifully since his surgery a few weeks ago. However he began to experience some symptoms of possible infection last week. Jonathan went for a few tests on Thursday and last night was admitted to the hospital due to a possible infection near his incision. It was confirmed that he does have an infection. Right now Jonathan is in surgery. Jonathan will have another craniotomy today to wash the infection. They will remove the bone flap (the skull), which is believed to be infected. It will be removed for 6 months until the infection is completely gone. Jonathan will be treated with a series of antibiotics for a few months to remove the infection. The hope is that once the bone is treated they will be able to replace it.

As you can imagine this news is very unexpected to Jonathan and Karla. But they trust that this is completely known by God from the beginning of time. They are trusting in Him. Please pray for Jonathan now as he is in surgery. Pray for peace for Karla. Pray for the doctors to remove the infection and for clarity in treatment options. Pray for God to receive glory in all of this.

Jonathan and Karla have friends and family who are helping them at this time and are requesting no visitors. If you have questions, please feel free to email We will update you as often as possible. You can follow Jonathan and Karla on their facebook pages as well. Thank you for praying.

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