New Mercies

I closed my eyes last night with the assurance of God’s Word in my heart: “His mercies are new every morning”.viagra We have said many times that prayer is not a vending machine. God is not obligated to answer our requests based on how “good” we are or even how much we pray. God extends His grace through our prayers to display His glory in the same way that He allows us to go through difficult times with the same purpose; to display His glory.
Today, God, out of His infinite mercy and grace, has chosen to let us see a miracle in Jonathan’s life.
Last night Jonathan received a first dose of steroids as the beginning of a long term treatment for DRESS Syndrome. I was fearful to see more medicine go in his body, and at the same time I was excited about the possibility that the medicine would be helpful. This morning he woke up already showing wonderful improvement. His face, ears and neck were not as swollen, his temperature was back to normal, he had an appetite; three good signs. Throughout the day, he has continued to feel better. Especially because the itching and burning of his skin have reduced considerably.
We had the visit of his four doctors: his neurosurgeon, the ID doctor treating the bone infection, the dermatologist that will treat DRESS, and the hospitalist that has taken care of us during this weekend. All of them agree with the treatment that Jonathan will get in the next months and they were also pleased to see Jonathan responding so well to it. His internal organs and levels are not back to normal yet, but they have not gotten worse. He will be followed up closely to make sure that also gets better and no other organs get involved. But for now, the doctors feel comfortable with us going home soon. We are in awe. We praise God for His sustenance and provision once more. We are humbled and filled with gratitude for this amazing breakthrough and we want to thank each of your prayers on our behalf – the Lord has heard them. May He also use those personal times with Him to bless you and grow you closer to Him.
We know our reality still involves brain tumor, osteomyelitis, and now DRESS, but we rejoice in the blessing of today. We will keep walking this road with our confidence placed in the One that knows us completely and has our days in His hands.
Thank you for the encouragement of your words. They have been God’s balm to our souls.

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  1. Such great news! Such a tender mercy from our God. Thank you for taking the time to write an update to even encourage us as we pray.

  2. I am so VERY glad to hear this encouraging report! I know that it doesn’t mean things are clear and easy now, but I do rejoice with you in the improvements from yesterday!! Praise to our God!!

  3. I didn’t realize there was a blog on the website but will be followning you guys when entries are made. It was an encouragement to see Jonathon at church 2-3 wks ago. You two are amazing. Your words are an encouragment and you are the ones needing encouraging! My prayers are with you, your family, and the doctors.

  4. Thank you, Father, for this work You are doing–yes, in Jonathan’s body, but far more important, in Karla’s and Jonathan’s hearts and in our own hearts.

    1. My son attends your church. I’ve been following Jonathan’s progress since he was first diagnosed, after the problem in staff meeting. WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU ALL. A friend of ours, at the church my husband pastored, had a similar brain tumor removed nearly 9 years ago, and although he has some difficulties, is still living and serving the Lord, with his wife’s assistance. KEEP THE FAITH— NO, SHARE THE FAITH!!! We love you, and appreciate the blog, with the inspiring updates — your attitude and faith are inspiring, even with all the BUMPS in the road!!! 🙂

  5. PRAISE GOD!!!! For He alone is worthy of any and all praise!! This is an amazing roller coaster ride of God’s un-failing and un-ending love!! My family is praying for the 2 of you, your children, your extended family and friends close to you, and all the caretakers of you!! I pray that Jonathan’s body be completely healed and that I’m sure your hearts are completely changed forever!! Blessings and peace. Vicki

    1. Praise the Lord!! I live everyday in awe of God’s mercy and love. Thanks for the blog and the evidence of your faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. Hang in there Jonathan, soccer’s coming. :>)

  6. Jonathan and Karla – Rejoicing with you at the positive turn of events today. We prayed for you throughout the day yesterday since we read the update. We continue to pray for complete healing for J. and strength for both of you and your family. Your faith continues to inspire us and so many others! We know God IS receiving the glory. Paula and Brian

  7. Breathing a huge sigh of relief after reading this, though aware that the “rockier road” is still the path beneath your feet. Joyful… and still praying…


  8. Karla, I just read your blog from the last few days & was struck by the verse I read this morning. It seems so appropriate to where you are…”Trust me and don’t be afraid, for I am your Strength and Song.” Isaiah 12:2 As ones who love music & feel its melody speak deeply to our hearts, I pray that fear would not destroy your Song, rather His Spirit living within you & Jonathan would sing over you, quietly & steadily, as a mother sings a lullaby to the precious child in her arms. May you feel His presence in this way. Love & prayers to you both!

  9. This is such good news. We will continue to pray for healing and your strength.

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